Kaiwi refused bail

The Waigani National Court has refused to grant bail to the alleged killer of late Jenelyn Kennedy, Bhosip Kaiwi.

Acting Judge Paul Tusais handed down the decision this afternoon.

In his decision, Acting Judge Tusais said  the accused Bhosip Kaiwi is likely to interfere with the witnesses in this matter and that the case consist of serious assaults that is why the bail will not be granted.

Bhosip Kaiwi applied to the National Court for bail on four grounds. That he had pre-existing asthmatic condition prior to his arrest which he has not been receiving medical attention at the Bomana Correctional Facility clinic.

Kaiwi’s lawyer submitted to the court that his client continues to face threats from the Correctional Services officers and prisoners, relying on social media facebook posts and main stream media.

The third reason is for Bhosip Kaiwi to attend the Port Moresby family court which is currently presiding over the custody of his two children.

The final ground is that he has a higher chance of contracting coronavirus given the overcrowding at the Bomana Correctional Facility.

Acting Judge Paul Tusais said the applicant through his lawyer did not provide exceptional grounds to be granted bail.

The Judge said that the accused did not provide evidence of his medical condition and that the court cannot rely on evidences of threats from social media facebook. Even so,  Kaiwi is placed at a segregated cell away from the rest of the prisoners. 

Meanwhile, the family of the late Jenelyn Kennedy says they respect the process right from the beginning and will continue to do so until they get justice for their daughter.

Jemimah Sukbat