Kaiwi to be in quarantine

Bhosip Kaiwi will be held in quarantine at the CS Test Compound for 14 days, before he can be transferred into the main prison compound.

The Test Compound was established since the COVID-19 State of Emergency was imposed, to ensure prisoners are not vulnerable to a coronavirus breakout.

This morning, NCD Police and CID transferred the 25-year-old to the Bomana Correctional Services Training Centre, where the Test Compound is located.

Officer in Charge of the CS Test Compound Inspector Joe Yamason, confirmed that Kaiwi will remain there as per COVID-19 quarantine protocols, and then be moved to the main compound.

Inspector Yamason said normal process for convicted felons and those on remand, includes a medical check, before they are sent directly to the main compound.

With regards to Kaiwi’s personal safety and where he should be kept, Inspector Yamason said this is a decision to be made by the CS Commanding Officer.

He said if indeed Kaiwi is at risk of harm by other inmates, he can be placed in the detention facility – an area were prisoners who misbehave, are kept in isolation for a period that can number into the months.

(Alleged wife killer, Bhosip Kaiwi, on his way to Bomana)

Salome Vincent