Kadovar eruption slowing down: RVO

The Kadovar eruption in East Sepik Province appears to be slowing.

In its 17th situation report, the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory (RVO) said the main crater produced moderate emissions of thick white vapour clouds whilst the western vent produced weak to moderate thin-to-thick white vapour.

“A continuous white steam plume is rising from the SE coastal vent to 100m above the island and is then blown to the SE,” reported the Observatory.

“Sub-continuous dull glow was visible throughout the night of the (January) 28-29th.”

Meanwhile, the RVO’s principal geodetic surveyor, Steve Saunders, told Loop PNG that people in low coastal areas on the mainland and islands should always be alert for tsunamis.

“There is a slightly higher need for vigilance at the moment, but Kadovar seems to have stabilised somewhat in the last week or so,” he said.

He stated that the seismometers on Ruprup and Kadovar, which were installed in January 16, are working properly and communications are good.

“They will help us to see if activity is increasing, decreasing or staying the same.”

(Loop file pic)

Carmella Gware