K50 Million for PNGDF

Prime Minister James Marape announced a K50 million commitment to PNG Defence Force Air Transport Wing, to maintain its aircrafts.

The Prime Minister made this announcement at the handover ceremony of the Casa aircraft engine earlier this week.

He stated that his government is in the process of restructuring the country’s Defence Force into a force that could assist in building the country with the assets and the infrastructure that is required.  

“Our own government will put in K50 million this year and next year to make sure our two aircrafts are working and flying and to ensure the helicopter is lifted.

“The government under my watch will assist rebuilding the Defence Force so that the PNG Defence Force can rebuild and reconstruct going on into the future,” PM Marape said.

The Prime Minister further stated that his government views the PNGDF using a holistic perspective.

He said, “You no longer just waiting for a war to take place. You will assist, help, rebuild your country, that is the reason why I special interest to the functionality and service of Papua New Guinea Defence Force to our country.”

PM Marape says the current government will focus its efforts to not only build the country’s Defence Force to safeguard PNG’s territory but also restructure the PNGDF to participate in civic programs in the country.

He added, “And so we are talking about partnering government in ensuring that commodities – coffee, copra, cocoa from our rural areas coming to the market for export is delivered by PNGDF air and sea wing. Talking about delivering our health and education resources to all corners of our country is to be delivered by our air and maritime wings of our Defence Force.”


Marysila Kellerton