K40mil for MPG claims

K40 million will be set aside to settle genuine claims of services rendered to the Morobe Provincial Government.

Morobe Governor Luther Wenge reemphasised that only claims that have been verified to be authentic will be settled, while bogus ones will be handed over to police to deal with.

“I will put it in the budget,” said Governor Luther Wenge.

“When the budget is passed, everybody can come and check through.

Yu laik kam giamanim loya, loya bai putim yu lo Buimo.”

Since last year, hundreds of people have been gathering at Tutumang to submit their claims, most of which are from the campaign period.

However, Governor Wenge said election-related claims will not be entertained as he has already settled his scrutineers and campaign team.

Governor Wenge further said the MPG plans to hold its budget session this Wednesday.

Carmella Gware