K39mil projects for Margarima district township

The newly established Margarima District in the Hela Province is paving its way to becoming another business hub for the province, as the electorate plans new multimillion-kina high impact projects constructed in the next three years.

On Thursday 31 August 2023, saw the official execution of the contract at the Government House in Konedobu by the Governor General Sir Bob Dadai, on behalf of the State, for the construction of the Margarima District Court complex and the Margarima Plaza, in Margarima town, to make this dream a reality.  
The projects valued at K39 million kina in total are the initiative of the Margarima District Development Authority (MDDA), under the leadership of the Member for Margarima and Minister for Bougainville Affairs, Manasseh Makiba.

This is part of the district plans to develop Margarima station into the new district headquarter and township for the electorate.  
The contracts were approved and awarded by the National Executive Council to Olympus Projects PNG Limited, a Papua New Guinean-owned building construction, engineering, and design specialist with world class expertise.  
The contract signing was witnessed by MP Makiba, District Administrator, Mark Mendai, and representatives from National Procurement Commission (NPC), the Department of Works and Highways and Olympus Projects PNG Limited.  
MP Makiba said the tender process was run by the NPC through a lengthy public tender process that commenced in 2021, as the contact values were above the district (K5million) and provincial (K10 million) procurement threshold.  
The Margarima Plaza valued at K27 million will be a modern contemporary three-level mixed-use complex that will house critical government and state agency offices, as well as business and community shop space.  
Margarima town is geographically located at the corridor of Hela Province, Southern Highlands and Enga provinces.  
“I recognized the social and economic impact the Margarima Plaza will have not only in Margarima District and Hela, but also Kandep in Enga, Mendi Munihu and Nipa in SHP,” said Makiba.  
“The Margarima Plaza, once completed will be a landmark infrastructure, to positively impact thousands of individuals, families, and SMEs.”  
The Margarima DDA, in recognizing the urgent need for the operation of proper and functioning judicial service in the district, also initiated the construction of the 

Margarima District court complex valued at K12m as part of its plans for the district. The Court Complex will accommodate the PNG Judicial services in the district and will include the National Court circuit and include three court rooms, a court registry, a judge and magistrates chamber, a library, and archives, meet rooms, a holding cell and other court related facilities.    
Makiba said the Court Complex will ensure that there is a permanent magistrate for the district to help combat the ongoing law and order issues in the district and province.  
Both building are designed in full compliance with the Australian Building Code (Building Code of Australia – BCA) and PNG specific codes of practice. 
The projects reflect the Pangu led Marape-Rosso Government's commitment towards delivering on its rural development policy plans and will be funded by the National Government in partnership with the Hela Provincial Government and the Margarima District Development Authority.  

Loop author