K10m to complete judicial housing

The Hela Provincial Government will over the next two years, pump in K10 million to the National Judiciary Service for the construction of a housing compound in Tari.

K3 million of that K10 million was presented to the Judiciary yesterday following an MOU signing in April between the Hela Provincial Government and the National Judicial Staff Service.

Without infrastructure, judges cannot discharge their duties and justice cannot be delivered.

The Tari National Court in Hela does not have accommodation for judicial staff and the provincial government is coming in to support the judiciary build a compound with K10 million.

A gift for the judiciary, the funding will be used to complete the accommodation compound.

Chief Justice Sir Salamo Injia said: “The judiciary did work closely with the Hela Provincial Administration to build a compound for the court house which will have accommodation facilities.

“Unfortunately as I’ve learnt later, work on the construction of the compound had come to a halt.

“With the contribution that we will receive from the Hela Provincial Administration, we are committed to ensuring that the compound is complete,” he added.

The land which the compound will be built will cost K3 million to acquire.

Hela Provincial Administrator, William Bando, said the appropriate way to go forward is to give the funding to the Judiciary.

The first K3 million was given yesterday and, he added, they hope to give the rest before the year ends.

This is not the first time a provincial administration has come in to assist the judiciary build infrastructure for the courts.

West New Britain parked K600,000 into the judiciary accounts to build infrastructure in Bialla. Morobe is another province.

Sally Pokiton