Juffa to visit relatives of Oro victims

Oro Governor Garry Juffa will be visiting the 13 villages today where mourning houses have been set up for the victims in the road accident.

Juffa arrived in the province this morning with a huge crowd to welcome him.

Despite an important parliament session in progress, Juffa  decided to put his people first.

The nine Local Level Government leaders in the province have also gathered and will be accompanying the Governor to the place of mourning.

His visit is to show the people of Oro that their provincial government is intact and will be always there for them.

A total of 13 people died during the road accident  which happened two weeks ago.

The accident involved a PMV and an oil palm fruit truck from Higaturu. Juffa said his visit was to show his sorrow for his people.

He thanked his two open MPs that took the lead during the accident and acknowledged their contributions.

Freddy Mou