Juffa raises concerns on transnational crimes

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa, have raised concerns that transnational crimes is on the rise in the country.

He said a small team of patriots in Customs, Police, Defense, NIO, Migration and also working in Government agencies recognized the danger and worked to strengthen their capacity to fight these criminals.

However, he said almost every entity created and positioned to fight transnational crimes have been dismantled.

Governor Juffa raised a supplementary question asking the Police Minister Jelta Wong to clarify if the police are doing anything to curb such illegal practices.

He said almost all the patriots are displaced or have been removed.

Juffa told Parliament that the extent to which these Asian Organized Criminal Syndicates have infiltrated and are basically running or ruining our beloved country is overwhelming.

“Why is it the most dangerous? Because they deprive entire economies of vital revenues needed for growth and managing the wellbeing of our people, while plotting a pathway for future development and prosperity.

“Transnational criminals take these monies literally before they enter our revenue streams and divert it to their own illicit use.”

He also asked the Minister to extend the investigation into illegal logging entities operating illegally in the country.

“Their ability to ensure appointments of public servants, Ministers and influence decisions even to manipulate, suppress or hush up administration and or enforcement of our laws is profoundly serious.

“It is indeed a major threat to our national security, our future.

“I am not speaking of legitimate Asian investors, of which we have many who respect our laws, and pay their taxes, and go about their business in harmony with other foreign investors and in compliance with our laws.

“I am speaking of a small but powerful cartel of criminals who entered PNG for the exclusive purpose of raping our forests.

“They mainly originate from Malaysia but have strong roots in China.

“It must be carefully stated here, that not all businesses and individuals from China and Malaysia are in any way shape or form connected to this group of criminal syndicates, many are indeed genuine honest investors, however the syndicates that I speak of originate from these countries. Indeed to tackle them successfully we shall need the assistance of these countries.”

However, Minister Wong said the Commissioner is aware of the issue and will look into the matter.

Freddy Mou