Juffa raises concerns on illegal entry of foreigners

The Oro Governor has called on the government to be strict in allowing foreigners who have been deported but have allowed reentry into the country.

Governor Gary Juffa, said foreigners have been using PNG as their point of entry to other countries because our laws are not tough to disallow them entry into the country.

The vocal Governor said a particular foreigner by the name of Kevin Hekai continues to be involved in transnational crimes in the country.

Despite being deported in 2012, he was allowed back into the country in July 2017. 

“This particular guy is now in the country with a multiple business visa, operating his businesses illegally.

“We cannot allow such criminals to enter our country and manipulate our people.”

Governor Juffa also raised concerns that the Immigration and Border Department must established a border management system that will deal with such foreigners.

“The Immigration department must be strict in dealing with such people because they might be here with a different motive.”

Minister for Immigration and Border security, Petrus Thomas, said he is aware of the issue and has directed the police to investigate and deport the foreigner.

Thomas said the department is also reviewing the Border Management System, and such foreign elements will not be entertained in the future.

Freddy Mou