Juffa questions eviction and property transfer

Special Parliamentary Committee chair on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery, Gary Juffa, says he intends to question the National Housing Corporation officials about dealings in state property and the eviction of tenants in Lae.

Nothern Governor Juffa is concerned over the number of eviction issues making headlines in Lae, Morobe Province, especially against public servants residing in National Housing Corporation property.

In response to the recent eviction of public servants and their families residing in NHC property on Cassowary Road, he has questioned where public servants living there would go and why they were kicked out of their homes to please commercial interests.

More so, that the NHC property they were removed from, was handed over to KC2 Ltd to settle debts totaling over K1 million. 

The Governor said there is a proper process for disposal of state assets and it appears that NHC did not follow it in this case.

He made assurances that in order to protect the public sector and public servants and support their efforts to deliver services, the Special Parliamentary Committee will consider every aspect of the deal, including whether any misconduct occurred.

Governor Juffa said public housing is a way to enhance the quality of public service and ultimately the delivery of services to the nation.

The Special Parliamentary Committee has sought documents relating to that deal to establish its legitimacy.

This includes compliance with laws relating to the sale of state assets, calls for tender, valuation of property and the methods by which KC2 Ltd was selected as the purchaser of and it’s standing with the IPA and IRC.

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