Juffa condemns electoral reforms

Vocal Governor for Oro Garry Juffa has labelled the 12th hour electoral reforms as the Government’s effort to manipulate the 2017 National Elections.

He said it was totally absurd to be suddenly making amendments and reforms now when the Government had five years to do so with adequate consultation with all stakeholders.

"To not consult stakeholders such as the people, is totally arrogant and autocratic. It smacks of election rigging.

“Why now? Why also withhold funding for Electoral Roll updates for provinces and why delays on security assessments and other preparatory work?”

He said since the economy is doing so well as the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill keeps telling us, there should be no excuses for the suppression of funds.

“The shortened period of time for campaigning is also a deliberate ploy at suppressing the people’s right to information to choose a true leader.”

Juffa added that many candidates are marginalised by these sinister reforms and most of PNG will be denied democracy in choosing their leaders.

He said the Government’s mistreatment of democracy and its total disdain for its people are uncalled for.

Freddy Mou