Juffa to challenge matter in court

Oro Governor, Gary Juffa in response to the controversial debate of Collingwood Bay Project particularly portions 135, 136 and 137 says he represents the views of the actual landowners.

The Governor says that his actions to halt further development to the project is reflective of this.

Moreover Juffa added that the parties that appeared in the joint Press Conference with Forestry Minister Douglas Tomuriesa on Saturday March 24th in Port Moresby represent the views of a small fraction of landowners.

Governor Juffa in a phone interview rebutted statements made at the Saturday’s press conference.

“Portions 135, 136 and 137 are state lands as far as we know and the means and processes by which titles were obtained were dubious and suspicious and are under investigation” refuted Juffa.

He explained his actions are in response to reports received from genuine and recognized landowners and chiefs who are on ground.

“Therefore we have taken necessary actions to stop what are the thefts of forest resources on state land and on traditional land as well as illegal trespassing and cstructing of a jetty on traditional and state land clarified Juffa.

Destruction of the environment’s water ways and forests have also prompted his actions.

Further to this Governor Juffa said irregularities within the developer were also discovered.

“This company was fund to have all its machineries not registered and all foreign employees do not have proper work permits and visas while 2 illegal firearms were found in the possession of a local employee” said Juffa.

Juffa stated his move is on the basis of credibility as the company has no history in agricultural development.

He said there is an order in place where all forestry related matters are to be channelled through the Provincial government but to no avail.

Juffa said he is adamant to challenge this matter in court.

Carolyn Ure