Judge warns about “conflict of interest”

A judge has warned final year undergraduate students of Divine Word University about ‘conflict of interest’ situations they may find themselves in, at the workplace. He called on them to stay clear.

Madang resident National and Supreme Court judge, Justice Dr Vergil Narokobi sounded this warning at the 13th Missioning Ceremony for final year students recently.

Justice Narokobi told the students that conflict of interest arises “when you put your personal or private interest before your professional duties.

 “Words such as ‘wantok system’, ‘nepotism’, ‘bribery’, ‘kick-backs’, and ‘10 per cent commission’, all have to do with conflict of interest,” added Justice Narokobi.

He reminded the outgoing students that they would come across “conflict of interest” situations in their professional life and they must not compromise their personal and professional integrity.

He urged them to stand by the codes of conduct in each of their professions or disciplines.

Justice Narokobi gave the keynote address to the DWU students under the topic “Practicing ethics in contemporary Papua New Guinea”.

President of DWU Professor Fr. Philip Gibbs in his welcome address highlighted the purpose of the Missioning Ceremony as threefold:

  • The acknowledge the development of students as creative, intellectual persons in a religious environment;
  • Students receive a miniature cross each which carries the Christian message of love, forgiveness, and God's reconciliation with humanity; and
  • To say thank you to God and fellow men (staff to students and vice versa).

Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Lae, Bishop Rosario Menezes was the main celebrant of the Missioning Mass.

Photo credit: DWU

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