Judge to visit Buimo prison

The National Court administrator judge for general crimes will be visiting the Buimo prison in Lae next week.

Justice Panuel Mogish is in Lae to assist the crimes court in the Morobe Province with its backlog of cases.

He said unlike the situation in other provinces, detainees awaiting and attending court at Waigani from Bomana have good interaction with the courts regarding their case.

He adjourned all matters listed before him at Waigani this month to July during the call over early this week.

He encouraged those on bail in Port Moresby to return to court next month.

Justice Mogish said the courts must work in collaboration with those in prison and he will use this same approach in Lae while on circuit.

He said by conducting regular call over (checking the progress of detainees cases), detainees will not feel the need to jump the fence, giving an example to the case management at Bomana.

Buimo jail recently had 77 escape from prison while 17 were shot dead.

Meanwhile, Police Commissioner Gari Baki recently said the overcrowding in jails is very alarming. 

Sally Pokiton