Judge executes hard lesson for cops

Unlawful killing by policemen in the country is prevalent and brings into question the type of training they receive at Bomana Police College, whether they are receiving ongoing training, mentoring and supervision.


Justice George Manuhu said this when sentencing a cop of eight years to 40 years in jail with hard labor today.

Justice George Manuhu said the root cause of undisciplined behaviour in the Police Force should be identified and addressed at the Waigani National Court today.

He said the Police Commissioner and Minister responsible should take all necessary steps to address this, which ultimately develops into unnecessary assaults, destructions and killings.

Until then, there is a worrying trend that the number of policemen in jails is on the rise.

Judge Manuhu made this remark today when he sentenced police officer Freddie Lisa, to 40 years in prison.

Lisa was found guilty of the wilful murder of cab driver Martin Pauls om November 21 2013 at 6 mile.

He was involved in a car chase with Pauls from Erima to 6 mile when he fired a pump action shot gun at the Taxi at very close range, which caused life threatening injuries to the neck and head of the deceased. 

Judge Manuhu sentenced Lisa to 40 years in jail to send a clear message to all police officers on point blank range shooting at defenceless suspects.

Meanwhile police in NCD have commended the “Policing the police” concept to clean up the force of such.

So far two policemen have been convicted by the courts, 11 have been arrested and 8 have cases still before the courts. 

Sally Pokiton