Journos receive awards in GBV, HIV reporting

“Hear My Voice! My Story!"

This was the theme for the 2017 Media Awards on Excellence in Reporting on Gender Based Violence and HIV and/or AIDS, where 5 outstanding journalists were recognised.

In an event hosted by the UN AIDS and UN Women last night, nominated journalists were called up to receive their awards for the stories they had written that had caused a nationwide response toward HIV and gender-based violence (GBV).

The awardees were:

  • Rolin Likas of NBC New Ireland – Excellence in Reporting on Gender Based Violence (GBV)
  • Ogia Miamel of The National – Excellence in reporting on HIV and /or AIDS, Michaelyn Moir-Bussey of EMTV – Excellence in Communication
  • Imelda Wavik of TVWan – Excellence in Photojournalism
  • Christine Pakakota of The National newspaper – Editorial leadership.

Likas, upon receipt of her award, said: “I have been attached with NBC New Ireland for the last 12 years and this is the first time my work has been recognised.”

Awardee of Excellence in Photojournalism, Wavik, said: “A picture speaks a thousand words and I believe my pictures said so much about GBV in PNG and how it can affect and impact people’s lives every day.”

Launched in 2015, UNAIDS and UN Women present awards to journalists for their efforts in reporting on these issues, giving voice to the voiceless in order to bring about meaningful change.

Speaking at the awards presentation last night on behalf of the UN country director, UN AIDS coordinator, Elizabeth Genda, said it was a pleasure to be present in this prestigious event.

“UN AIDS joins the community here in PNG on shining the light on the rights to health and the challenges people face in exercising their rights,” Genda said.

“Like all social issues, the media has a pivotal role to play. This is especially the case in combating the stigma and discrimination that surrounds HIV and AIDS.”

The night was topped off with a presentation by the Sanap Wantaim youths and a short message by his eminence, Sir John Cardinal Ribat, thanking the UN AIDS and UN Women for recognising the work of some of the unsung heroes fighting to keep the nation informed every day.

Annette Kora