Joint task force to hold APEC rehearsal exercise

The Joint Security Task Force (JSTF) APEC 2018 will be conducting a rehearsal exercise tomorrow (19th February 2018).

This is in preparation for leaders’ week and lead up meetings.

The First Senior Official Meeting (SOM 1) will commence on the 24th of February to the 9th of March.

The rehearsal exercise will mostly focus on the transportation of presidents/ prime ministers and will involve motorcades into Stanley and Gateway Hotel.

The motorcade will depart from Jackson’s Airport into Stanley Hotel where a media conference will be scheduled to convene before the motorcade moves away to Gateway Hotel and concluded.

JSTF coordinator, Chief Superintendent Norman Kembo says as the days close in on the main meeting event, the JSTF appreciates their engagement in hosting the series of meetings leading into APEC 2018 Leaders’ Summit in November.


Annette Kora