Jiwaka to have new Provincial Treasurer

Signatories to the Jiwaka provincial treasury will be changed to allow the election team to access the much needed election funds for the province.

This decision was made by Chairman for the Inter-departmental Election Committee, Isaac Lupari, who gave assurance that he will be assisting to make this happen.

This comes after the election manageress for Jiwaka province, Rossie Pandihau raised serious concerns about the long overdue absence of the provincial treasurer who is believed to be in the nation’s capital at the moment.

Polling officials in Jiwaka are yet to access election funds for the training of their election officials for polling.

Pandihau today raised this concern during the Inter-Departmental Election Committee meet for the Highlands region in Jiwaka.

Pandihau said it’s been over two weeks since the officials trainings were supposed to start and they have not heard any response from the Provincial Treasurer.

“It is delaying and holding back on our election process and progress in terms of preparedness for polling and the treasurer is nowhere to be found.”

She said elections come with deadlines and we are yet to meet some of the dates that are coming up fast.

“This is a very crucial time when the treasurer is supposed to be in the province to take care of election business and prioritize election claims.”

She said the training was scheduled for Tuesday this week but nothing eventuated adding that they are still waiting.

The election manageress has now made it her business to fix things by getting in touch with the provincial accountant to go to the bank to change the signatories of the account over to him so that they can access the election funds before polling.

“This is the only serious problem we are facing it is delaying our progress and preparation for the election.”

Annette Kora