IT Equipment for DJAG

The United Nations Development Programme presented brand new sets of IT equipment worth K135, 000 to the Department of Justice and Attorney General today.

The much needed equipment will support DJAG staff at the subnational level, in servicing people in rural Papua New Guinea.

DJAG has been pushing to deliver Justice Services right down to the rural areas.

Attorney General and Secretary for Justice, Dr. Eric Kwa says the timely donation from the UNDP will support that initiative.

Dr Kwa said, “I am really happy that UNDP has come forward to support again in this program that we can be able to supply equipment to our provincial offices and hopefully at some given point we can then move to the districts. We have got 12 Community Justice Service Centres that we want to deliver our justice services right to the village level.”

He also thanked UNDP for the continued partnership and support of the government in the setting up of the Independent Commission against Corruption.

“UNDP is also supporting us in several other initiative as well including ICAC. We want to thank them for that because for us as a government that is the number one agenda for this nation dealing with corruption. We need to fight that evil out of our society and so hopefully through this initiative that they’ve come onboard to help us with the IT equipment we can support our people in the provinces as well to also set up the system to help fight corruption,” he said.

Resident Representative of UNDP, Dirk Wagner highlighted the high level of gender based violence in the country and that the support will also go towards assisting victims access the justice services they deserve.

“Another evil that is found in our society besides corruption is gender based violence. Your role is crucial in actually providing justice to the victims,” he said.

The much needed equipment will be provided to Provincial Liaison Officers in 20 provinces and the Autonomous Region of Bougainville to coordinate better between 15 law and justice agencies.

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