Issues raised on public money act 2017

The Ombudsman Commission has met with the Department of Finance and raised a number of issues on the Public Money Management Regularization Act 2017 (PMMR Act).

After its initial discussion with the Department of Finance, the Commission has further deliberated on the finer aspects of the PMMR Act on whether there are irregularities or sufficient doubt as to the constitutionality of the passing of the PMMR Act, as to warrant the Ombudsman Commission bring questions of constitutional interpretation and application to the Supreme Court under Section 19 of the Constitution*.

“The Ombudsman Commission objectives are also to ensure that governmental bodies fulfill the aspirations of the people,” said Chief Ombudsman Michael Dick in a statement.

“When the Commission makes such decision to refer the PMMR Act to the Supreme Court, it is also exercising one of its key functions, which is to be the guardian of the Constitution, and to ensure compliance with the Constitution by every person and institution in the country, including the Parliament in the passage of the PMMR Act.

“Further, the Ombudsman Commission remains committed to upholding the doctrine of the supremacy of the Constitution and will inform the public once a decision is made on the filing of a Special Reference.”

Press release