Issue of ‘paid’ journos to be raised in Parlt

The issue of journalists being paid by members of parliament will be raised on the floor of the House.

Member for Madang, Bryan Kramer, said he recently discovered that his Madang District Services Improvement Program (DSIP) funds were being used to pay a certain female journalist, whose reporting was “extremely biased”.

“I put the question to her on whether she has ever received funds from the former Member from this district, to which she refused to respond,” said the MP.

“I have her on record previously saying she never did and now, since occupying office, I’ve gone through the accounts and confirmed payments were being made to journalists.”

Kramer intends to refer the journalist to her employer and put other journalists on notice.

He further said they will be asking other journalists in the media industry to come forward and provide advice or information on colleagues who they believe receive payment from MPs.

The Madang MP said though some journalists do perform their jobs, the degree of corruption has reached their editors – and even their company managers – that they feel threatened and intimidated to report the truth or be critical of the Government.

“The Opposition members intend to go after this issue and bring to light those that are involved,” stated Kramer.

“If anyone threatens or intimidates you, provide us with the information and we will put them under public scrutiny.”


Carmella Gware