Isoaimo questions Duma’s appointment

The Kairuku-Hiri MP has called the appointment of William Duma, as caretaker Minister for State Enterprises, a ‘slap in the face of the people of Manumanu’.

Peter Isoaimo said Hagen Open MP Duma is yet to answer to his people on the alleged land deal at Manumanu, where a K46 million transaction to relocate the PNG Defence Force took place without proper process.

In a statement, Isoaimo said a commission of inquiry was promised to his people but then downgraded to an administrative inquiry.

Isoaimo claims that at the time the inquiry was downgraded, there was widespread concern that this had happened because the transaction had direct links to the Office of the Prime Minister, during Peter O’Neill’s tenure in the 9th Parliament.

Isoaimo further said: "Sadly, we have become marginalised people in our own land. The Alliance stands firm, no more land grabbing on our watch.”

National Alliance Party Leader and Aitape-Lumi MP, Patrick Pruaitch, backed his party MP.

Pruaitch said NA is ready to take the battle to the Government for the people of Manumanu.

Over the weekend, landowners from Manumanu and Gabadi released a statement condemning Duma’s appointment.

Gabadi-Manumanu Land Committee Chairman, John Daroa, said a possible protest is being organised in opposition to the appointment.

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