Islanders arrested for murder

Two Andra islanders were arrested and charged by police in Manus over the murder of a man on the island village.

Herman Keyau, 20, and 28-year-old Alphonse Nakau, of Andra Island in the PNKA LLG, Lorengau, Manus, were arrested and charged with the murder of Hillary Joe Simbai on Jan 22.

Both men are expected to go before the Lorengau District Court on Tuesday this week.

Police allege the killing incident took place on Andra Island after a homebrew drinking spree ended up in a fight.

It is alleged they hit the deceased on the head with a piece of wood. He was admitted to the Lorengau General Hospital but succumbed to his injuries two days later.

Acting provincial police commander, senior inspector David Yapu, has once again appealed to the youths in the villages in Manus to refrain from consuming homebrew and concentrate on their normal activities in the village like fishing, hunting, gardening or making sago.

"These will occupy their mindset and avoid drinking homebrew and causing fights or problems in the village," the PPC added.

(Manus acting provincial police commander, senior inspector David Yapu)

Sally Pokiton