An Island or a Volcano?

Villagers and residents on the Krangket Island of Madang Province are concerned about a new formation which has evidently grown since the beginning of this year.

According to the islanders, a couple of years ago, they noticed a reef formation just off the point of the island.

It had become a regular sight for them until early this year, they started to notice that the formation had grown with a huge chunk of it visible above water. With the prolonged dry season and during low tides, the tip of the reef mass can be seen pointing above water.

According to villagers, the last couple of months have seen the reef mass grow even higher.

Now, many people are talking about it.“Is it an Island forming, or is it a volcano trying to erupt from the sea?”

 Local islanders are calling on the authorities to help determine this natural phenomenon and its existence.

The disaster office in Madang has been contacted but they do not have the resources nor the capability to investigate and explain how and why this formation has come about.

 Locals are also somewhat paranoid and would like proper research and professional assistance in order to determine the existence of this new formation and assure them that it isn’t dangerous.

Rodney Selan, the Councillor for ward 1 in North Ambenob LLG, wants experts from the government departments to come over and assess this.

Loop author