IRC corrects article on staff’s termination

The Internal Revenue Commission has responded to a misleading media report stating that 28 of their staff had been disciplined and terminated last year.

Though the newspaper article stated that 28 people were removed over their alleged involvement in a loan racket, IRC corrected that only 23 of their staff were disciplined and terminated.

Commissioner of Tax, Dr Alois Daton, says the IRC is PNG’s largest revenue collector hence they expect their staff to be honest and conduct themselves professionally at all times.

“IRC we are very strict about how people operate in this organisation,” said Dr Daton.

“When we recruit people we put them through an induction program, but they also give them a code of conduct. We have a zero tolerance policy against corruption.

“Because of fraud and corruption, our people have colluded with taxpayers and reduced tax liability of tax payers. And we have dismissed a lot of our staff.”

Dr Daton labeled last year’s loan racket as ‘unfortunate’, where 23 of their staff had to be terminated.

Six were removed in September and 17 in November. Within the group were seven female staff.

He further outlined that the IRC has well-established disciplinary procedures to deal with negative staff behaviour and conduct.

“Our investigators thoroughly investigate those matters. When we investigate, we interview people, we get reports. It is based on that process that we make a decision.”

During that process, staff are given the opportunity to defend themselves before a final decision is made.

Dr Daton said disciplined staff who are aggrieved by the termination have the right to appeal to the court.

(Internal Revenue Commission staff in yesterday’s press briefing)

Carmella Gware