Iranian refugee uses PNG passport to Fiji: Juffa

Parliament was told today about an Iranian refugee held at the Regional Processing Centre on Manus Island who used a PNG passport to travel to a third country.

“Prime Minister are you aware that a 21-year-old, Iranian Refugee who made his way from Manus Asylum Centre to Fiji, and seeking asylum,” Oro Governor Gary Juffa asked during Question Time.   

“What actions is taken to conduct an investigation and highlight the security breaches in this instances, what type of passport he used, I was informed that it was a Papua New Guinean passport.

“How did he apply for that passport, and what is undertaken as an investigation to ensure that such things do not happen again that our important security documents are not acquired and used by criminals.”

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill responded because the Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato was absent from today’s Parliament session.

“This relates to a specific person and I am not aware of him even seeking PNG passport, and I will get the minister to investigate and get back to you and report to Parliament,” O’Neill said.

(File picture of Oro Governor Gary Juffa)

Charles Yapumi