Ipatas visits Enga schools, hands out K727,595

Enga’s father of education and action Governor Peter Ipatas has handed out cheques worth K727,595.78 to school in the province on Wednesday.

The funds were for a high school, one vocational center, 45 community schools and 72 elementary schools.

When he visited the schools in Kandep, students and the communities converged at the station to await the 2016 last quarter tuition fee free allocation cheques from the Governor.

As the Governor approached, the Kandep District Headquarters building  echoed with  slogans of "Action Governor" and "father of education" along with other chants in Engan.

School after school stomped, Enga style, into the gathering bearing placards.

One placard declared the school had been closed 15 years and was this year reopened  following  tribal fights.

Most of the chants came from young voices who are determined to learn.

If there ever was a more determined cry for education from those who deserve it most, this is the face of it.

Ipatas will continue his visit to Porgera today and concludes in Wapenamanda on Friday.


Picture courtesy of Frank Senge Kolma

Freddy Mou