IOM Partners For Peace In Hela, SHP

The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is working with local communities in the Highlands region to sustain peace and promote community-driven sustainable development.

Guala, Kikita and Tigibi in Hela Province, and Munihu, Pambal, Megi and Yame in Southern Highlands Province, have been involved in these peace efforts.

Through financial assistance from United Nations Peacebuilding Fund (UN PBF), IOM's support to these communities includes training for gender-inclusive community facilitation teams and local authorities, technical assistance in developing and operationalising community action plans, and material assistance to execute selected community-led priority projects.

Target communities were identified by IOM through consultations with the local authorities and partners, and mapping of tribal violence, conflict-induced displacement and other vulnerabilities.

The communities have received support from IOM and local authorities to draft their Community-Peace for Development Plans (CPDPs).

Munihu, Pambal, Megi and Yame identified installation of a multi-purpose community hall and safe drinking water points among their priorities and have received materials including water tanks, galvanised iron poles, timber and galvanised roofing sheets to construct their community infrastructure.

The materials, funded by UN PBF, were welcomed by women, girls, men and boys from the beneficiary communities, who have started constructing their community halls and water points.

(Community members welcome materials to construct their community halls and water points)

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