Investigations underway for alleged shoot out

Investigations are underway for a man that was allegedly shot by police personnel during a raid outside the Stop N Shop shopping centre at Rainbow last week.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi said police investigators will still find out who the responsible officer was, that fired the shot.

Turi said the man’s post mortem will be done today and results will be given to the investigators to have a look at whether the wound was from a bullet shot or a knife cut.

“The port mortem will determine his cause of death and investigators will also be checking the weapons allegedly involved.”

Meanwhile, a police personnel also found out to be the son of a police officer who was alleged to have killed his girlfriend has been charged and arrested.

Pictures of both the man and his girlfriend were posted all over social media as a breaking post receiving a number of public sentiments.

Turi ordered for the young man to be brought in by police; charged and arrested.

Annette Kora