Investigation into Chinese shop blaze resumes

Investigations into the Splendid Star fire, which saw 10 Chinese nationals perish two years ago in Lorengau, have been reactivated.

Police initial investigation into the fire on September 22nd, 2017, was not completed due to funding constraint.

However, this matter was raised by Manus Governor Charlie Benjamin on the floor of National Parliament on the outcome of police investigation into the incident, which Police Minister Bryan Kramer gave the assurance that police will reopen.

The investigation team is currently on ground with two AFP officers who will be assisting them.

Manus Provincial Police Commander, chief Inspector David Yapu, is pleased to see the case reopen for investigation.

He said the Government of Manus with its people and the Chinese community have been kept in suspense for a long time.

PPC Yapu appealed to the people of Manus who have some information relating to the incident to come forward and help the investigation team arrest those perpetrators involved.

Being a very serious case, he is seeking the people’s assistance, cooperation and support in the investigation.

Furthermore, with the government’s declaration of Manus as a Free Trade Zone, the PPC said they want to attract foreign investors into the province, provided it is safe and conducive.

(File picture of the 2017 blaze)

Sally Pokiton