Intoxicated Kavieng youths detained

New Ireland Police made good use of their new holding cell in Kavieng when they locked up teenagers and youths who were loitering or causing disturbances during the New Year.

Over 100 intoxicated young men, who were being nuisances in public areas, were rounded up and detained at the Kavieng Police Station cell from the evening of December 31st, 2023, to January 01st, 2024.

“Most of my areas in New Ireland Province, including Kavieng, Konos, Lakurumau, Namatanai, Lihir and New Hanover were all reported as quiet. It’s unusual but impressive. People celebrated but it was contained within their premises,” said provincial police commander, Superintendent Albert Beli.

“Those few youths who went overboard and were celebrating on the road – those who drank alcohol or took drugs and were causing disturbances – were taken in and arrested.

“The same operation was done in Konos, Lakurumau, Namatanai and Lihir.

“Generally, the province was quiet. There was no major incident.”

The PPC attributed the peaceful celebrations to phase one of their operation.

“We spent a lot of time doing community and public outreach at bus stops, banks, shopping centres and other public places.

“I thank my police officers for boldly sacrificing their time. Despite the uneven ratio of police personnel to residents, we were able to maintain control in this maritime province.” 

(The new Kavieng Police Station holding cell was opened on December 22nd, 2023 – Picture by NBC New Ireland) 

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