Institutions must be fully engaged in compiling GHG Inventory data

Institutions involved in data compilation for the National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGHGI) for Papua New Guinea must be fully engaged in the process.

These include institutions from the agriculture, forest and other land use (AFOLU) sector.

This was highlighted at a recent workshop in Port Moresby aimed to revise the work done so far on a complete quality assurance process of the GHG estimations in PNG.

The workshop was facilitated by the Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and attended by officers from the agriculture and land-use sector.

CCDA in partnership with FAO is working to complete the GHG estimations from the AFOLU sector to form the NGHGI.

During the workshop, the participants identified gaps in data compilation and finalised the expected outcomes at the end of the workshop.

The outcomes were for the department of agriculture and livestock (DAL) to provide financial support for data collection in the agriculture sector through a Memorandum of Agreement with CCDA.

There must be continuous capacity building on GHG inventories.

Another outcome from the workshop was to building awareness of GHG inventory importance and information needs to the provincial level and data providers.

Once the quality assurance process of the GHG estimations is finalised, it will be put on a national data collection system.

Quintina Naime