Inquiry Launched

Prime Minister James Marape today clicked a button to officially launch a questionnaire that will be used in the Constitutional and Law Reform Commission inquiry on the declaration of PNG as a Christian country.

The CLRC inquiry into the declaration of PNG as a Christian Country will be carried out as consultations in all 22 provinces of the country, involving Provincial Governments, NGOs, Churches and the General Public. CLRC Chairman and Member for Wewak, Kevin Isifu said, the consultations will be seeking answers to four questions.

When officiating the launch, Prime Minister James Marape, as a country, PNG has always acknowledged God and Christianity as the basis of our constitution.

Chairman of CLRC, Dr. Mange Matui said three teams from the CLRC start consultations on the 28th of this month in all 22 provinces. The public are encouraged to download questionnaires from the CLRC website and Facebook page to fill out.

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