Injured passengers saved

A police officer in Madang who was driving to Madang from Ramu arrived on time to save some grieving mothers who were involved in a car accident at Tapo.

According to the police officer, the mothers were traveling back to Chimbu Province from Madang with their betelnut bags loaded on the truck to sell for their children's school fees.

The police officer (named) stated that some of the mothers injured said they were looking for school fee money and had decided to travel to Madang to buy betelnut to sell in Chimbu. 

The police officers further stated that the vehicle had encountered a mechanical fault while climbing the mountain and went off the road. 

“I arrived on time about two minutes after the accident happened. When the driver saw me he tried to escape but I told him not to do and requested that he assist me to bring the injured passengers to a location where they can wait while I call the ambulance. We both helped the injured passengers and then helped them to Modilon hospital in Madang to seek medical assistance," the officer said.

According to police reports, there had been numerous reports of traffic accidents between Walium to Tapo along the Bruce JeJepchot Highway. 
Many people have died, vehicles were damaged and properties had been looted by opportunists at the accident sites. 

Police reported that due to the bad road conditions, robberies reported were high. Police further added that if the road was fixed and sealed there would be less traffic accidents and robberies along the highway

Sylvester Wemuru