Incompetence a factor in lack of lands meetings

For numerous years, provinces throughout PNG have never held a Lands board meeting to resolve land issues affecting their people. Thankfully, this backward trend is about to change.

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird has entered into a partnership with the Lands Department to host the much-needed meet in his province.

Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko said the Lands board meeting, which should be heard on the second week of June, has been co-funded by his department and ESP.

“There are so many land issues throughout our country that need to be addressed. And the only board that can make the approval is the PNG Lands Board,” Minister Tkatchenko stated.

“This much-needed service was lacking in the past years due to staff not getting their act together under the previous management.

“But for us it’s a brand new day, brand new start for the PNG Lands Board.”

Apart from ESP, New Ireland Province is also in the process of setting up a meeting.

Meantime, the board will be travelling throughout PNG, working with the provincial governments, to ensure that outstanding land matters are resolved.

“I encourage all governors, please come and work in partnership with the Lands Department and the PNG Lands Board so we can finally address some of these long outstanding issues,” stated Tkatchenko.

The Minister said it would cost K200,000 to host a board meeting over a 2-week period.

(Lands Minister Justin Tkatchenko)

Carmella Gware