Incest claims need to be reported: Police

Though incest is a prevalent crime in East New Britain, the provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali, says victims and family members do not report the matter to authorities.

PPC Tabali says for some reason, reports of incest rarely reach his office, even though they are aware of incidents occurring within the community.

“That’s a concern to me and I appeal to the people, especially the victims of those particular offences like incest, need to come forward and report these to the authorities,” he stated.

“So that we will stop these perpetrators from further committing this offence. It is animalistic.”

Apart from incest, Tabali says other crimes in the province are at a manageable level despite seeing an increase in armed robbery in the past four months.

Meantime, 240 police personnel within East New Britain are preparing for the festive season, with the PPC issuing an appeal to drivers to refrain from driving under the influence.

“We’ll be in full force, police will be doing random roadblocks,” Tabali said.

“We will go to the suspected hotspot areas. We’ve got outstanding bench warrants that we will execute.

“We will ensure that the festive season and New Year is peaceful in the province.”

(ENB provincial police commander, Joseph Tabali)


Carmella Gware