Inauguration of Malendok ring road

The New Ireland Government's commitment to "the further you are, the more we care" has reached another significant milestone with the inaugurated 19.22km Malendok ring-road on Malendok Island.

The project, aimed at fostering equitable development and improved connectivity, was met with enthusiastic support from the island's residents.

In a remarkable event that took place on Tuesday, August 29th, residents of Malendok Island experienced the newfound convenience of traversing their island from end to end on a truck, thanks to the newly constructed road. The ceremony, held at Malesak Primary School, was attended by a crowd that turned out in impressive numbers despite the short two-day notice. The islanders expressed their gratitude to the government for providing this essential service.

Transport and Infrastructure Chairman, Andrew Minkiong, voiced his pride in the government's dedication to infrastructure development under the visionary leadership of Governor Chan.

Minkiong emphasized that the province's guiding principle of "the further you are, the more we care" was instrumental in ensuring that development reached every corner of the region.

The completion of the K2.4 million project was not without its challenges. Construction of the Malendok Island road was undertaken by NGI Suppliers, commencing in April 2023. The project encompassed activities such as clearance, gravelling, widening, and other associated works.

One of the most impactful outcomes of the newly constructed road is the substantial reduction in travel time. Students and villagers around the island will now experience a 40-minute cut in travel duration, significantly enhancing mobility and accessibility.

During the road's inauguration, Chairman Minkiong, on behalf of Governor Sir Julius Chan, presented the keys of a community truck donated by the New Ireland Government to the Malendok community. This gesture underscored the commitment to improving the quality of life for the island's residents.

The celebration concluded with a festive feast, where roasted pigs and local delicacies were shared.

The newfound ease of travel and connectivity on Malendok Island marks a significant step toward realizing the province's vision of "the further you are, the more we care."

Loop Author