Improve Land Registration Process: NRI

Land is valuable to many Papua New Guineans and proper process to safeguard land is vital.

A research by PNG’s Think Tank, The National Research Institute search highlighted the need for improvements in the effectiveness of the Voluntary Customary Land Registration (VCLR) system.

The Spotlight article titled ‘Understanding how the effectiveness of voluntary customary land registration system can be improved’, written by NRI Research Fellow, Logea Nao.

According to Ms Nao, the VCLR system can provide land with proper titles for sustainable development and has been developed in PNG.

But at present, it is not user-friendly and not well understood by landowners.

To improve the effectiveness of VCLR, it highlighted five areas that the government can focus on:  

  1. improving customary land administration
  2. Streamlining the VCLR process
  3. Decentralizing the Process
  4. Subsidising surveying fees
  5. Encouraging mapping of all land

The VCLR system is set of processes by which landowners can register their land and bring it onto the formal land market.

This to engage in legal transactions the system is administered by the Department of Lands and Physical Planning and involves incorporation of land group and registration of customary land.

The article also highlights that system is important in securing land and it provides inheritance of ownership, protects customary land from land grabbing, promotes business and investment, and increases the value of land.

Loop Author