Impartial amid political tension

With the current tense political atmosphere, the police commissioner is trying to keep the constabulary as neutral as possible.

With the much-talked about vote of no-confidence looming, Police Commissioner Gari Baki is hoping to avoid a repetition of the 2016 situation where political influence was allowed to divide the fraud squad and Royal PNG constabulary hierarchy.

“My appeal is to our political leaders to respect the functions of the organisation, functions of the RPNGC,” Baki stated.

“Leave us out of any of these activities that may project any intentions that the RPNGC is seen to be assisting these lot of people or doing these for the sake of facilitating what is intended to be discussed on the floor of parliament. 

“Experiences have shown that we’ve gone through these, thick and thin, in 2016 when the Constabulary was really and truly fragmented in the way we were doing our work.

“And I do not want to see the same thing happening this time. And so my appeal to our political leaders is to ensure that whatever they have, in terms of the issue on the vote of no-confidence, take it to the floor of parliament.

“I do not want the RPNGC to be used as a medium to facilitate any intentions, for that matter.”

Carmella Gware