Impacts of Electoral Violence

Violence during the 2022 National General Elections hindered voters from exercising their rights to vote, an observation report has revealed.

Transparency International PNG’s (TIPNG) Domestic Election Observation Report 2022 stated that causes of violence included citizens’ dissatisfaction on their ability to vote.

The media also reported an estimated 50-200 people died through election related violence in the country.

A notable incident was the shooting allegedly by security personnel of a woman trying to vote in NCD.

TIPNG says the persistent level of violence calls into question the state’s strategy relating to election security.

The report also stated that many eligible voters could not freely, fairly and safely vote and as a result their views were not taken into consideration in the formation of the 11th National Parliament.

TPNG has called for all stakeholders in the post-election analysis to focus on structured medium-term interventions that will promote transparency and integrity in PNG’s national elections. 

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