Illegal Import Syndicate Busted

An illegal import syndicate was busted yesterday in a sting operation by Police.

According to the NCD/Central Divisional Command, the syndicate is run by a chain of Bangladeshi shops operating at Morata and Hohola in the Natiopnal Capital District.

Members of the Gordon Police and K9 units raided two shops run by the syndicate and netted several cartons of imitation corned luncheon Pork meat.

The raid was initially targeted at confiscating cartons of corned beef and soft drinks allegedly stolen from a major Bangladeshi-owned wholesaler based in the NCD.

It is alleged that Bangladeshi nationals colluded with locals employed by the wholesaler and stole truckloads of groceries.

They then resold them to a syndicate of small retail shops run by another lot of Bangaldeshi nationals in NCD.

The head of the investigation team Inspector, Robert Wane, said they will contact other relevant state agencies who have an interest in this matter.

Inspector Wane said that this is just the tip of the ice berg and they continue investigations to rid this country of illegal and dangerous activities

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