Illegal Developments Within Graveyard

The National Capital District Commission has warned of illegal encroachment or development within the 9-Mile cemetery boundary.

City Manager, Bernard Kipit has warned the individuals who are illegally encroaching and putting up properties within the perimeters of the 9-Mile cemetery.

He said illegal settlers and offenders are punishable under the law. Mr Kipit said the 80 hectares of (portion 884) was designated as public cemetery under the Cemeteries Act of the Independent State of Papua New Guinea and relevant laws. 

There has been an increasing number of unauthorized individuals using the cemetery access road for entry into the settlement and doing illegal developments.

When Loop PNG visited the 9-mile cemetery on Sunday, the caretakers said an illegal fence has been put up running through the boundaries of the cemetery.         

Mr Kipit said the use and purpose of the cemetery is for burial of deceased persons and for further development plans of the Commission.

He said when the construction of the 9-Mile-14-Mile road is completed a permanent fence will built around the cemetery area to ensure structures used on graves are to acceptable and legal standards.

Mr Kipit said: “There are plans to build access roads in and around the cemetery as well as other development activities.”

Meanwhile, Police have been notified of the illegal activities happening at the 9-Mile cemetery area.

Jemimah Sukbat