Ignore decisions by ‘estranged’ Pangu executives: Basil

Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader Samuel H Basil has called on the public to ignore any decisions and announcements of the estranged national executives of Pangu Pati, led by Patrick Pundao.

His statement follows today’s announcement by the Pangu Pati Executive Council of his suspension.

“At this stage, the only unchallenged authority in Pangu Pati is the Parliamentary Wing of which I am Parliamentary Leader. Until all matters involving the Pangu Council generally and the non-Parliament National Executive are resolved by the National Court, the only authorised statements on Pangu Pati matters are those sanctioned by my office – Pangu Pati Parliamentary Leader,” said Basil.

“The estranged executive comprising president Pundao, general secretary Morris Tovevae and treasurer Daniel Kapi failed to comply with a National Court Order to meet with the Pangu Council on 19th of April 2018.

“That raises serious doubts about their standing and concern about the affairs of Pangu Pati,” said Basil, who is Bulolo MP and Minister for Communications, Information Technology and Energy.

“The rest of the Pangu Council did meet complying with the National Court orders. The minutes of that meeting – together with affidavits of all who attended – shall be submitted to the National Court.”

Pangu Council members who attended the 19th April meeting, aside from Basil, included Deputy Leader and Goilala MP William Samb, Sinake Rea, Nelson Tugo and Judith Kanadi.

Basil said: “Instead of making misleading announcements to the Pangu Pati faithful nationwide, and the publicly generally, Messrs Pundao, Tovevae and Kapi should prepare themselves to explain why they did not attend the 19th of April meeting as ordered by the National Court.

“Messrs Pundao and Tovevae are also facing separate criminal charges of theft over use of Pangu Pati monies in the 2017 National Elections,” states Basil.

Meantime, this morning Party president Patrick Pundao gave the reasons as to why the Council suspended Basil:

  • Pangu Pati Inc election funds raised through various fundraising events over the years are missing
  • Donations to form government after the 2017 Elections while camping in Goroka are missing;
  • Basil failed to consult the Council on important matters and making unilateral decision;
  • Failed to consult the Council before joining the Government; and
  • Failed to promote and uphold the Pangu Pati Constitution and not attending compulsory party meetings and funding party operations.

(Samuel H Basil file picture)

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