ICAC warn corrupt participants

The Independent Commission Against Corruption or ICAC is sounding a stern warning to the public, that whoever is participating in corrupt conduct should be wary of ICAC’s operation and start taking stock of their actions.

Deputy Commissioner of ICAC, Daniel Baulch, made it known that any corruption-related matters reported to their office will be handled diligently, and those found to have grounds will be investigated further and concluded accordingly.

Matters that do not require ICAC’s attention will be referred to appropriate agencies to deal with.

 “It’s also important to know that those that are out there who do participate in corrupt conduct or are participating in corrupt conduct need to be wary, the time will very quickly come when they shouldn’t be sleeping by night time because any point in time it could be the ICAC investigating them.

When there is a need and a purpose and a reason why we will talk to an investigation we aim to be transparent and talk to the media so the people know what is going on and they have trust in ICAC.” 

Loop Author