IBS ‘university’ status debated

The Institute of Business Studies’ ‘university’ status is causing confusion, debate and anxiety amongst students, parents and guardians.

The Management of IBS University argues that they are a recognised university however, the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (DHERST) strongly disagrees.

The announcement made by DHERST, stating that IBS University is not a university, has been met with frustration and concern.

Parents and guardians questioned the department’s announcement and their children’s academic future in a forum organised by IBS University yesterday.

Furthermore, Student Services manager Kellianne Ewam said the Higher Education’s decision not to recognise IBS as a university has shocked the management.

According to her, this decision was made on the grounds that IBS University failed to comply with the requirements of the Higher Education Department, to which she denied.

 “We (IBSU) are yet to receive clear indication as to what grounds were used to conclude IBS University as not a university,” said Ewam.

“We are dialoguing with the Higher Education to explain to IBS University as to which part or section we failed to comply with.”

In an exclusive interview with this newsroom, Fr Jan Czuba, Secretary of the Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, clarified that IBS was issued 5 written notices, all clearly explaining the department’s position.

He explained to become a university, an institution of higher education has to meet 12 international standards.

“In 2013, IBS underwent an independent audit but failed because they did not fulfil these standards hence, they could not be recognised as a university,” clarified Fr Jan.

However, former Higher Education Minister Delilah Gore allowed them 3 years to operate on temporary accreditation until October 30th, 2017.

They were also advised to assess the areas of improvement and reapply before or by October 30th 2017 as a higher education institution and not as a university.

The temporary accreditation expired on October 30th without IBS renewing their registration.

Following this, the National Higher Technical Education Board, in their letter dated 08 December 2017, announced that IBS was not a recognised higher education institution.

(IBS director Edward Silva during a recent meet)

Carolyn Ure