Huon Gulf supports SJA

Huon Gulf District, in Morobe Province, has supported St John Ambulance with K50,000.

St John Ambulance is based in Lae under a partnership with the Lae City Authority and Morobe Provincial Health Authority.  

Since the signing of the three-way agreement in 2020, the Lae City Authority has been supporting the ambulance operations with K500,000 every year.

The ambulance service, however, has no borders; emergency responders also serve the neighbouring districts of Huon Gulf and Nawaeb.

For the first time ever, the Huon Gulf district has jumped on board to support St John Ambulance with K50,000.

Local MP and Minister for Community Development, Youth and Religion, Jason Peter, made the presentation on Sunday, the 11th of February, and clarified that the commitment is from last year’s budget.

“We would like to say thank you,” Peter told SJA Momase commander, Anderson Poumb. 

“You have done a lot in Huon Gulf space. Because of Lae District, you have established here but when you were providing service, you did not pay attention to boundaries. You went beyond Lae’s boundary and into Huon Gulf so from the district, I want to say thank you. We want to appreciate you for the service you have been providing with the K50,000 support from the district development authority of Huon Gulf.

“We’ll make sure that every DDA, we’ll put some support in partnership with you.”

Poumb, thanked Huon Gulf district for supporting the non-profit organisation.

“We appreciate the K50,000 support. The work that we have been doing here – going for 4 years now – a lot has been done already. But this assistance will help us continue our services.”

Apart from SJA, K10,000 was presented to NBC, an outboard motor for community development work in Huon Gulf, and a dirt bike for the district works manager to check up on the progress of projects within the wards of Huon Gulf.

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