Hunters Extend Trukai Sponsorship

The SP PNG Hunters have extended the partnership with official sponsor Trukai Industries as they prepare for their for their 2022 season of the Hostplus Cup.

Trukai’s Marketing Manager Maryanne Tom said, “Our sponsorship is a demonstration of our continued support and commitment to the development of rugby league and the people of PNG.”

She said, “Trukai’s partnership since the inception of the Hunters, has grown from strength to strength and we’re very proud to still be a part of the family of sponsors and their journey thus far and  wish the Hunters all the very best this season.”

SP PNG Hunters Commercial Manager Alan Moramoro was grateful to see the relationship continue into 2022.

“We at the SP PNG Hunters would like to acknowledge and say thank you to Trukai for supporting the SP PNG Hunters during the 2022 Hostplus Cup season,” Moramoro said.

“Trukai has supported communities and sport in Papua New Guinea for over 40 years, and in addition to that, Trukai have supported the SP PNG Hunters since the inception into the Host Plus Cup back in 2014,” he said.

Moramoro said the continued support and commitment by Trukai shows the importance of sports, in particular rugby league in PNG, and hope this will also encourage healthy eating and living in PNG, through Trukai’s Tru Inspiration campaigns.

The Trukai logo will again be proudly featured on the SP PNG Hunters official playing kit and apparel in 2022.

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