Huge Task Ahead For Lands: Rosso

The Department of Lands has been embroiled in controversy and labeled as corrupt and inefficient for many years.

These were the opening remarks from the Minister responsible, John Rosso when giving report on the floor of Parliament since getting the portfolio in 2019.

“Faced with these challenges, myself and my newly appointed Secretary had a mammoth task confronting us to correct and fix a lot of these issues and reform the department. These issues cannot be fixed overnight, it takes persistence, patience and continuity.”

Minister Rosso added that amidst the reforms undertaken and the projects initiated over the last two-year period, they have faced many challenges both externally and internally.                                             

"We have navigated through these challenges to achieve some policy reforms and initiated some major projects within our limited budget. 

"The COVD-19 pandemic which we did not foresee also contributed to making it more difficult in achieving our aims and aspirations." 

Minister Rosso when giving clarification on State Land said that due to much misunderstanding by the people, he said the Independent State of Papua New Guinea is the rightful owner of all state land in the country upon the acquisition of it from former customary landowners or through sales and purchase.

“Since the State is the owner, it through the Department of Lands & Physical Planning as the administering agency, apportions and leases parts of the land either in allotments and sections or portions to persons or entities for a period of time not more than 99 years through the land board allocation process.”

Freddy Mou