How schools are registered

Every early childhood learning centre will have to be recognised through the ‘minimum operating standards’ of the Department of Education.

Assistant secretary of early childhood education, Michael Mera, said the minimum operating standards is a set of guidelines that enables provinces to make recommendations to the education department.

“The minimum operating standard is policed by the school inspectors,” explained Mera.

“So the inspector, upon request by the provincial education board (PEB), will visit the school and follow through the minimum guidelines to see whether the school has complied with it.”

Some of the factors that will be taken into consideration include:

  • Infrastructure
  • Setting, including water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH) facilities
  • General environment
  • Catchment areas
  • Teachers, including qualifications  

“The inspector will ensure that all is followed and then that report is presented to the PEB,” said Mera.

“PEB, after their deliberations, will make the provincial recommendation to the National Department of Education, which will be through the general education division, where I am.

“We will look at that recommendation to see if they have followed the minimum operating standard.

“If they have then that recommendation will be given to the secretary for his approval and endorsement.

“That is how schools will then be able to get started.” 

Carmella Gware